Freeze-drying is a technology wherein the moisture content of a food item is removed by first freezing it and then putting it in a strong vacuum. The process helps prolong the shelf life of a perishable product making it possible to consume it for months after
This technology uses comparatively low pressure and temperature to retain the nutrient content of the food product and enhance its quality due to reduced oxidation.
A sealed box has a shelf life of 365 days whereas an open packet of Frubites needs to be consumed within 25 minutes.
No, Frubites are hundred percent real fruits with zero sugar and additives.
Yes, Frubites can be rehydrated by placing them in water, milk, or any other liquid.
We are constantly trying to make Frubites available to you via different mediums. For now, Frubites are available on
Frubites contain no added sugar. However, the original fructose content of the real fruits used in Frubites may or may not be suitable for a diabetic. If you’re permitted to have real fruits, you can have Frubites as well.